03.31.15 - Joni Mitchell hospitalized after being found unconscious

Joni was found unconscious in her home this afternoon. She regained consciousness on the ambulance ride to an L.A. area hospital. She is currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits.


01.21.15 - Carly Simon has finished memoir

According to Carly's official fan site (, she has completed writing her memoir and says it thinks it will be published in 2015.


06.14.12 - Carly Simon is writing her memoir

Carly Simon has announced that Random House will be publishing her memoir, once it's written, that is.

One can only hope that Carly will be as honest in her memoir as she is in her songwriting lyrics. There will, no doubt, be a few stories told about ex-husband James Taylor (who no longer communicates with Carly: his choice, not hers).


Carole King memoir04.10.12 - Carole King's memoir is released

A Natural Woman: A Memoir by Carole King has finally made it's way to store shelves and the reviews have been fantastic.   Deeply personal, King's long-awaited memoir offers readers a front-row seat to the woman behind the legend. Buy from Amazon

One Amazon reviewer writes:  I read "Girls Like Us" and figured that Carole would never be as truthful and forthcoming as that account of her life was. Boy, was I wrong. Carole is an amazing and truthful writer. Carole was quite elaborate about her marriages and her highs and lows. I was particularly impressed with her technical elaboration regarding the recording of "Tapestry". It was like "Recording 101". This great book filled in so many blanks of this lifelong fan.


09.27.11 - The Bangles release song inspired by Girls Like Us

Anna Lee is the new song written by The Bangles who were inspired by reading Girls Like Us. 
"We wrote this in the studio together, all three of us. For some reason, I really wanted to write in the studio, and it's something Matthew was pushing us to do. The music came together very fast. It started with the riff, and then we all just chimed in singing. It's very '60s and '70s, but hey, that's fine – that's the idea. The lyrics we worked on separately. Interestingly, a character sort of developed in the song. We had all just read Girls Like Us, the book about Carly Simon, Carole King and Joni Mitchell, and we were inspired by it. We sort of made up a portrait of a person based around those women – it's kind of mythical." - Susanna

Got a picture of you sitting in the kitchen
Without a stitch on
Beautiful and natural as can be
Later in the gloaming hours
In the garden
Painting flowers
All the boys they flock to you
Wanna do more than talk to you right now
Dontcha wanna be

Anna Lee
Anna Lee

Maybe it was love and peace and
Living in the sweetest season
Wonderland the sweetheart of the sun
Now we want to celebrate her
All of us who came in later
Quiet power, simple grace
No man could put you in your place right now
We all wanna be

Anna Lee
Anna Lee

08.19.11 - Girls Like Us the MOVIE news

John Sayles is currently writing the script for the upcoming Girls Like Us movie.  "It’s been a lot of fun, if just to listen to the music from all three women, go back and replay the albums, and then learn some new stuff about them. I’m a fan of their music, and I was around when they were getting famous and kind of make some connections.

The director will be Katie Jacobs, who’s one of the producer/directors on the TV series ‘House”.

12.22.10  Eugenia Gingold, Carole King's mother, dies at 94 

Eugenia Gingold with daughter Carole KingGingold and her famous daughter, singer-songwriter Carole King, have spent much of their lives surrounded by applause.

King's has come from adoring crowds at her concerts, including the recent tour, with fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member James Taylor, that brought her to South Florida last summer.

Gingold's came in smaller venues, the New York and South Florida theaters where she performed and directed -- and finally from fellow audience members during her late-life job as a theater critic for Florida Stage and Screen News.

Gingold, a South Florida resident since the mid-1970s and an Actor's Equity member, died of congestive heart failure on Dec. 22 in the Hospice Care unit at Delray Medical Center, Delray Beach, her daughter said. She was 94.

Born Eugenia Cammer in Brooklyn, N.Y., on July 31, 1916, Gingold acted in high school plays and won awards for excellence in speech. Known as Genie, she graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in English and drama, then worked as a speech therapist in New York City public schools.

Married to Sidney Klein, Gingold gave birth in 1942 to daughter Carol (who later added the ``e'' to her first name) then to son Richard, in 1948.

02.26.10  Carly Simon denies rumors that You're So Vain is about David Geffen

While Carly Simon was literally in the air (flying to the UK to promote her latest album Never Been Gone), a UK rumor started by The Sun was picked up by the press as fact - then it was  Tweeted / Facebooked / AP'd / Newswired and printed around the world in a matter of hours.  By the time she landed and was told of the situation, she flatly denied it as absolutely untrue!!!   Carly Simon didn't even know David Geffen until years after the song had been released.  Too bad no one bothers to check facts anymore before running with a story that was only a rumor and a very bad guess.

   Read Sheila Weller's article about this in Vanity Fair

01.15.10  Joni Mitchell announces "serious health problems"

In a interview printed in the Vancouver Sun,   Joni Mitchell says she suffers from Morgellons Syndrome, an unexplained illness for which there is as yet no cure.

“My body is like Afghanistan,” she says. “It’s a complex infection. I can’t afford to get a flu on top of it or anything. I’m pretty fragile and it’s pretty uncomfortable.”

Mitchell says she is trying herbs and experimental treatments for her illness. “There’s a lot of maintenance, self maintenance,” she adds. “I don’t want to dwell on it or anything, but I’m trying to get there”.